A few facts that make you go hmmm?! 

Water today


  • Water pollution in America is at dangerous levels.

  • There are over 315 pollutants found in drinking water (over ½ are unregulated)

  • The drinking water supply now contains thousands of cancer-causing    


  • Contaminants that may be found in tap water include: chlorine, fluoride, lye, heavy metals like lead, mercury, and asbestos, bacteria, viruses, and parasites. 

  • Chlorine is used by a lot of municipal water districts to keep their reservoirs free from bacteria. When ingested, chlorine produces acids that can harm cells in the body. 

  • Heavy metals like lead and asbestos can also contaminate tap water from lead pipes lined with asbestos. 

  • Lead exposure is known to cause behavioral problems and learning disabilities.


Bottled water is harmful to your body


  • Bottled water is acidic and carries chemicals and pollutants that are leached from the plastic bottle itself. There are currently no laws that require bottled water to be any better than tap water. About 25% of all bottled waters are, in fact, just reprocessed tap water.


  • Many bottled water manufacturers use the process of reverse osmosis or distillation to process their water. Both purification processes result in what “dead” water. Drinking acidic water can have negative effects on your body’s ability to absorb important nutrients, instead of nurturing and supporting your body.


  • Reverse osmosis (RO) water as well as distilled water are considered “dead waters.” WHY? because everything has been removed from it including important minerals like calcium, magnesium and potassium. Kangen water keeps the important minerals in!

  • If you’re drinking “dead water”, you’re not eliminating free radicals. You are, increasing the oxidation in your body rather than reducing it. 

  • Bottled water is an 11 Billion dollar a year industry in America.

  • 50 billion bottles of water are consumed every year in the US and around 200 billion bottles globally. Plastic bottles have become one of the biggest environmental problems we are facing today.