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My Healing Journey

My healing journey is what shaped who I am today. I spent half of my life feeling unwell with a variety of chronic and debilitating symptoms. I experienced chronic inflammation, widespread pain, severe back pain, degenerative disc disease, brain fog, headaches, fatigue, IBS, arthritic symptoms, numbness and tingling in my legs and arms. The list goes on and on but, you get the idea. It was frustrating. I spent 20 years trying to combat those ailments with western medicine to no avail. My symptoms persisted even through rounds of prescription medication, physical therapy, and a major surgery . My symptoms lessened with some of the treatment, but they never truly went away. Why? Because the root causes of my health issues were not addressed. Honestly, my doctor could never explain why I had so many symptoms, it was a mystery, it was an auto immune disorder. No real answers, no real reason.  A little over 3 years ago I was given the diagnosis of chronic lyme disease. It felt like the right diagnosis, finally!  After all the test was positive. It encompassed and explained every single symptom I was dealing with. I sought help from a lyme literate doctor. He informed me that antibiotic therapy would not work because I had the disease too long at this point. I decided that I had to seek out a natural healing path. This is where my health and holistic journey began.


With my lyme literate doctor and a naturopath we experimented with different diets and healing herbs and supplements. Each one would get me a little better for a little bit of time but then my symptoms would come back with a vengeance and I would feel a lot worse. Then we would tweak diet and herbs a little bit. Repeat and repeat. It was exhausting. At one appointment in particular the doctor and naturopath advised that 

they were unsure of the direction to go in and told me to take a week or two off from healing. It didn't feel right. I felt like I was getting no where with them and it was costing a pretty penny. I left that day with my mind made up. I would take matters into my own hands. This is what led me to Medical Medium. I had heard of Anthony William on Instagram and Facebook. So, I did some googling and came across his lyme disease radio show. I listened intently and hung on every word. Truly, this was the first time anyone had made sense of what I was going through! The following day we purchased his book "Medical Medium: Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal". This book meant everything to me. I discovered the root causes of my symptoms. Simply by implementing the protocols in his book for Lyme disease and Epstein Barr Virus I began to heal. It took consistency and dedication but healing began immediately. Within a year, I felt completely healthy. Over the last 3 years, I reversed and eliminated every single symptom I suffered from using Anthony William's information.  This is where my health journey truly began and why I am so passionate about health and nutrition! I am grateful for his work and information to say the least!  I am working my way through holistic nutrition school in hopes of providing nutrition coaching in the near future to those who desire it! 

Stay tuned for my next healing journey blog post. I will dive deeper into all of the steps I took to heal!



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