Abundance Abounds

If you were given an opportunity that would bring you abundance and freedom from time constraints, location constraints, and financial limitations, what would you do? This happened to me recently, and the answer was simple; it was a YES! To be honest, I was looking for this and hoping to attract this into my life. I was open to receive. I have been ready to break free from societal norms and from the confines of a conventional lifestyle for a long time. I want to live a life of limitless freedom so, I dove in and I took a chance! At the time I felt a little nervous and like I was taking a risk, but this has turned out to be one of the greatest investments I have made financially, spiritually, and for my family's physical health! Quite honestly I couldn’t pass on this opportunity because of the "what ifs". It was too good to pass on and it aligned with me on every level. My heart has been bursting to share with you about the recent changes in my life!


Breakaway Movement- Where it all began....


I found a community called Breakaway Movement a few months ago and my life took a massive turn. Breakaway movement is a training platform designed to give you all of the skills necessary to run your own successful business online. But, it is so much more than a training platform. It is a community of aligned individuals who support one another. This community has impacted my life on so many levels it is hard to put it into words. Since joining this amazing group of people, my daily practices of gratitude, meditation, manifestation, and mindset has drastically improved. Most especially my mindset about abundance, law of attraction, and attaining my dreams and goals has never been so clear as it is today. My entire perspective and vision for life has changed. I know exactly what I want to achieve in this life and where I am going. I want more from this life and I am finally on the path to create the life I desire and the life that will help my family prosper both financially and spiritually. I am blessed and literally blissed out to be on this journey and working with these people. 


If this resonates with your heart and you want to find out more or begin working with me click the link below to join my team. This opportunity is for ANYONE who longs for abundance and freedom from time and location constraints. Experience is not required. I had none and in my first week of starting this business in one day, I earned more than I did working at my 40 hour per week, full time job that required a bachelors/masters degree in education. And that was just the beginning. Commissions go A LOT higher than what I earned that day. Breakaway will provide you with all the tools and training to help you to thrive, become successful, and grow your own business. You do not have to settle in this life. You can actually change the entire direction of your life in a moment and as an added bonus work with 1800 of the most high vibrational, earth loving, health conscious beings on the planet! It feels like a dream, but its not!

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